The attack of the seagulls

By Fatima K - July 29, 2013

In the past weeks, I, as well as others, have noticed have noticed a significant increase in the number of seagulls about.

That's right, seagulls. They are everywhere!

We have had three baby seagulls fall into the street in the space of two days, and then it's almost impossible to walk past because they can't fly away! There are seagulls on every rooftop, waiting and watching, ready to poke an eye out if anyone goes near their baby. More than a few people have been most unfortunate when seagulls have accidentally dropped into their back gardens, which has in turn,
meant that there has been externally restricted access to their garden. 

During this seagull infestation, to solve this issue, we came up with a master plan! To send them into space, as in use seagulls to fly people into space. A bit like 'James and the Giant Peach' but no peach - the peach was powered be seagulls! The seagulls would have helmets and suits to keep them alive, and because there are so many of them, they could take it in turns to fly. An excellent idea! 

A space ship powered by seagulls! 
Only some of the others weren't as impressed, and it would probably take years to design consumes for seagulls that let the breathe and fly into space - then put them on seagulls and to test them out, not to mention the money needed. So here we are, stuck with seagulls. 

One things for sure - the best adventures happen when you let your imagination run wild.

Have you ever had any crazy ideas? Ever tried them out? Let me know by commenting below! :) 

And here's an article where people actually calculated how many seagulls would have been needed to carry the peach! Check it out to find out! :)

Keep reading, F x
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  1. WHERE DO YOU LIVE? Seagulls falling from the sky? I'll postpone my plans to visit you, until you move to a safer neighbourhood :p

    1. Aha! The Docks (and a landfill site) attract them -that's what people tell me. And it's safe to visit anytime! It'll clear up pretty soon :)


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