Blame it on the Bombay Duck

By Fatima K - April 11, 2013

So there was this funny smell in the house a few weeks ago, and it was really really bad. It was a fishy, compost like smell, seriously strong! Disgusting!

I spent about an hour trying to figure out where the smell was coming from, because every room smelt, but it was strongest in the kitchen, and then mum and dad told me their theories. They had decided that it was the dried Bombay Duck that my gran recently acquired. Then, after doing some more investigating, dad also thought it could have been the plant pot in the kitchen, as my gran often used it as a compost bin, as well as a plant pot.

So we all carried on, wondering and looking for the actual cause of the smell, and managed to get on with our day. It was only later when I saw my grandad, and he said; ' it really does smell doesn't it. I didn't think the compost I put out would smell that bad'.

Ping! There it was. After a good few hours of blaming the Bombay Duck, it turns out that the conservatory/green house like thing next to the kitchen had some brand spanking new compost! And boy did it reek!

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