A delete button moment

By Fatima K - April 21, 2013

I remember after I got offered my job, I had to go to a training day/morning. It would be fine I thought, so I went. I turned up, wearing smart-ish clothes, smiled and tried to look ready to learn. The day itself was ok, we learnt about procedures, how to use the systems properly, and I met some genuinely nice people.

All was well, until we stopped for a tea break.

Everyone was asked if they wanted tea or coffee, and there were about eight or so people. A lady came and took the list of tea/coffees, and when she came back, they were on a trolley, sort of like ones you'd see in the aeroplane, silver and shiny, with tea on the top and coffee at the bottom. We were told to help ourselves, and so I grabbed a mug and put it in front of me, gave it a stir and waited for it to cool a bit. I didn't want to gulp down hot liquid and burn my throat!

After a while, about a minute later, someone announced that they couldn't find their tea, because there was only a coffee left, and I thought hmm, how weird, maybe they took the orders wrong. Plus, really, I wouldn't complain, at least we were getting tea and coffee offered AND made for us. And then I went to take a sip, mixing it again, and realising that it was in fact a tea, and I may have ordered coffee.....

Being naive and totally stupid, I sort of said, "oh, I think I may have picked up the wrong mug". And EVERYONE stared. That was it, I was, officially, the stupidest person in the room. Man, I felt stupid! Why couldn't I have just silently sipped the other lady's tea? But no, instead I had to be honest, and blurt out that I had taken the wrong mug.

Luckily, the lady in charge was quite nice, and she quickly said, "oh not worry, we can make another one." I was going to say that I hadn't actually drank the tea yet, only mixed it, but gladly, I kept my mouth shut.

Awkward! Where is that delete button when you need it?

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