The gaping gap

By Fatima K - May 09, 2013

So the painter came to...well...paint this week and he seemed to look a bit different. He's really friendly and has a great sense of humour. He came, started his work, and we left him to it. Then I thought I'd go and have a bit of a natter and I noticed what was different. Last week when he came, he had a gold tooth, and this week it wasn't there. There was nothing, it was missing! I didn't say anything, I mean, you can't ask someone what happened to his tooth and where it's gone! That would make me and him feel uncomfortable! But obviously you can, because when I spoke to my dad, it turned out he'd already asked.

Mum didn't believe us, and thought we must be seeing things, until he said "I can't come tomorrow, I have a dentist appointment but I'm scared of the dentist. It'll take me the whole day to recover, so it's better if I don't come."

And then she asked, "what happened to your tooth?"
Painter: "My misses accidentally elbowed me in the face and it fell out!!"
Mum: "What?"
Painter: "We were fooling around. It's nothing serious and it's not the first time it's fallen out, it's happened a few times!"

Luckily he found it just as funny as we did!

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