Excellent timing!

By Fatima K - May 16, 2013

A tingling feeling in my throat gives me the idea that I will be getting a cold, again, and just before an exam! That's the worst thing, going into an exam, knowing I'll have blown my nose so many times in the next few hours that it'll be sore. Runny eyes, sore throat, and in some extreme cases, a chesty cough too! Why is it that when you know you need to be at your best, the bricks come crashing down! 

But I have a few more days till my next exam, so I'm hoping I will have recovered! Why we actually do exams in the first place is a mystery to me! I mean, in the real world, I'd either consult my text book, a friend or ask google! - That's a topic for another day!

For now, good luck to all those taking exams! 

Keep reading, F x
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  1. Don't stop blogging :) You will get to that point you want to be at eventually!

    1. Hi! Thank you :-) and thanks for reading!


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