By Fatima K - September 14, 2013

Having never been to Cardiff before, I was pleasantly surprised when I got there! The parts of Cardiff I saw were beautiful! OK, so I didn't actually see the whole of Cardiff, I just saw a few side streets, the train station, Cardiff Bay and Cardiff Castle, but it was still beautiful! The train journey, a coastal route, was picturesque and rather calming!
The scenic route - excuse the dirty windows
Once we arrived, we walked to Cardiff Bay and explored the shops, enjoyed the scenery and the cool breeze washing over us! The atmosphere was lively and buzzing with people - locals, tourists, employees on their lunch - all sorts of people. We even ate sandwiches whilst looking out at sea – how lovely! Then, after wondering around the Bay, walking through a funfair and admiring the view, we decided it was time to head over to Cardiff Castle.  

Cardiff Bay
The Stone Keep
Whilst we had walked from the train station to the Bay, we discovered that there was actually a train that stopped in Cardiff Bay, so on the way back we decided to train it. And so we got on a train – the right one, and sat till the train stopped and then it moved again...back to where we had came. Yep, that’s right, the train we were on literally went backwards and forwards, and we rode it....twice! Lucky for us, we weren't the only ones so it was funnier and less embarrassing!

Following the helpful conductors instructions, we finally made it to the Castle!!! Yay! I must say, it was quite beautiful and amazing that the castle that stood was once used and very important in history. We bought tickets and explored the castle, walking all the steps to the top of the Keep and admiring the views. It was nostalgic knowing that Kings, Queens, Dukes, Earls, Servants and so many other people had walked and lived where we were just then. Battles were fought, weddings and feasts took place to celebrate occasions, people had used it as a shelter during the war. So much went on in this place! 
View from the Keep!

I had a lovely time and would defiantly visit again - soon I hope! Also, I could easily live by the sea or in a castle with my own library! Or both! So anyone that has a castle by the sea that needs to be lived in, please do let me know!

The Library

Bomb Shelter
Have you visited Cardiff or somewhere nice recently? Let me know by commenting below!

Keep reading, F x
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  1. I have told you before that you are a young girl with a brain of a mature story teller. Keep it up my dear. From the blog, I still can't rule out that one day you will be an author and not an accountant.

    1. Thanks Steve! You know me too well! :) thank you for reading! X

  2. The train journey from gloucester to Cardiff is so nice Im glad you appreciated it too!


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