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By Fatima K - February 08, 2016

So I just finished watching The Originals on Netflix and for a minute after it finished, I felt lost! I sat there thinking 'oh dear, what shall I watch now that it's finished?!' I often get this feeling after I've watched - more often when I read - something I'm drawn into/quite enjoyed. Even though I'm not sure how much I enjoyed watching The Originals. I definitely got this feeling after watching The Office (US) and Community - check them out people, I laughed so much whilst watching these series!! Oh, and also Once Upon a Time - eeeeeeeeeee I loved the retelling of the fairytales!!!

I have to say, I did prefer the second series of The Originals in comparison to the first but that may be because I watched the second one more recently and therefore my memory of the story line is much clearer.

What I liked:
  • Ok, so I don't really watch scary films and because I jump quite easily but I do like gore - and this had a little - not loads because I've seen more - bit of gore. I especially enjoyed the parts with popping out veins - there were quite a few of these as this happed when vampires were staked. And they were always trying to stake someone or another.
  • The lack of intimate scenes - hooray! There are times in series where I've sat there thinking 'again with the kissing and stuff?!' but I never felt this way in The Originals - this series wasn't a typical 'sex and vampires' one...well if it was I must have missed it!  
  • The story line was interesting as it was based around family and blood ties. It all linked back to the Originals - well obviously it would because then what would be the point right? But I especially enjoyed when the older sister came into the equation (I won't give too much away!)
  • The cast - need I say more?
  • The love triangles - I'm not normally one for love triangles but it was interesting to see how they played out in The Originals. The lesson this taught me was that for The Originals, it's family first
  • Witches, werewolves and vampires: I quite like supernatural stuff, as you can probably tell from this post! 
  • credit
  • Backstories: I liked how they are included in the episodes and how everything linked together. 
What I didn't like so much:
  • I remember during the first series and for the first few episodes of the second, it took quite a while for me to get into the episodes. Often I'd leave quite a big gap in between episodes. This changed as the second series continued. 
  • There were times where I couldn't help but think 'come on already' - but I feel this was about many things. I have commitment issues!
  • Linking to the point above, things could have moved much faster and been over a lot quicker in some of the episodes!
This series is available on Netflix!

Have you watched The Originals? Apparently it's a spin off series from the Vampire Diaries but I've not watched this series! What are your thoughts? What have you been watching?

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  1. What a lovely post :)
    I love The Originals, everything about it! From the cast, the story line and everything in between!
    I saw the first series and I was mid way through the second but there was a little break and I forgot to watch the rest!
    I know it's on Netflix and I did try it but I couldn't get back in to it sadly :(
    But I will be watching it again soon :)

    Neeny | Spoon Full Of Yum

    1. I did that too - the couldn't get back into it thing. Then eventually i watched it and just carried on! It was good. I think I like once Upon A Time a little more tho :)

  2. I've never watched it but I've been watching the vampire diaries from the past 7 years and I love it LOL. That's where the originals came from.

    1. oooooohhh, I will definitely take a look and watch Vampire Diaries :)

  3. Salaam Fatima, hope you are doing well! Thanks for sharing your review! It's really useful if I intend to watch the series, we can understand what to expect from your summary haha. :)

    I'm not particularly a fan of supernatural genres, but I've watched Once Upon A Time since Season 1, and I do realise that the series does have a supernatural/fantasy theme to it. I watched OUAT up to the episode where Hook became the Dark One, then stopped watching because I found it a little too far-fetched to follow, and I didn't have much time to spare watching it because I was watching too many other shows like Criminal Minds, Agents of SHIELD, Supergirl and The Flash, (they mainly consist of just superhero shows haha, you can probably tell I'm a pretty big fan of them).

    And I totally agree with you on how TV shows with little explicit scenes are awesome - really family-friendly! And it doesn't get awkward while watching with loved ones. It was a pretty clumsy idea to watch Jessica Jones with my dad, it was really awkward when the explicit scenes popped up occasionally, haha, but my dad is such a good buddy to watch superhero shows with, both of us love the entertainment and action in them, so watching it together couldn't possibly be avoided and we still enjoyed it in the end. :)

    Hope you're having a good February so far! Have a lovely week. :)

    1. w.salaam! I'm well! How are you? I really liked OUAT because of the way they retold/reinvented the fairytale characters and because its fantasy :) But there are way too many episodes and it goes on for ages! I've watched the Agents if SHIELD and and recently I've been watching Father Brown - it's sort of a murder mystery show which has the man who played Arthur Weasley in it! It's non-serious drama :)

      I quite liked Jessica Jones but I agree that often it's not really a family show - still very good tho! :) Glad your dad is supercool and likes Jessica Jones!! x


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