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By Fatima K - November 30, 2016

Last Thursday I watched, for the first time ever, the final two episodes of Gilmore Girls. Yes, as huge Gilmore Girls fan, I admit that I had put off watching the last two episodes for all these years. I sort of knew what happened as I was told by my cousin but I never actually watched the episodes...I didn't want it to end and at the point in time when I made the decision to not watch the last two episode, I felt like I was in control. I decided it would not end and instead re-watched episodes as and when I wanted. 

Its a series, it’s not real - I mean there’s no chance I’ll ever meet Loreli or Rory because they only exist on screen but I still chose not to let it end. Even when watching the last episodes, I didn't felt like it had ended. I just thought ‘oh, ok. Well if that’s what she wants then who am I to say no’ (I was team Jess all the way). 

When I made these decisions, I was young(er). I was just settling into my teens and there wasn't much that I had control of - this was my way of control. But I was happy with that decision. There wasn't a point in time where I had a huge urge to watch the last two episodes, even last Thursday - the only reason I watched the last two episodes was because the new episodes that were being released the next day. 

I made a decision and it was a decision, although one of very little meaning and use in actual life - that I was perfectly happy to live with. There was no point in time where I woke up wondering what happened, no desires to find the ending. And before anyone questions how much I actually enjoyed Gilmore Girls to not watch the ending, I really did enjoy the series, I still do. I was, however, ok with not watching the last two episodes because I really didn't want it to end.

But as I’ve lived life a little more since then, I’ve come to find that things ending aren't a bad thing. In fact, the most important thing I’ve learnt is that life goes on, it always does. 

Anyway, my point is, make decisions in your life that you can live with, that you are content with and only you know what it means to you. Don’t let others tell you what it means to you. How do they know anyway?! 

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