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By Fatima K - January 10, 2019

At work I received an email from my friend with notes for work whilst she was away on holiday. I felt like I should also send an email with important information in it but couldn't think of anything important to add - work wise.  was new and completely unaware of what I was supposed to be doing...what would I even say work related?! 

So I sent her this list - 

Things you should do whilst away 
I really wanted to drive one of these! 
(this is not a definitive list and you may get emails with more things as I think of them):

  • Take lots of photos – but don’t miss things because you spent so much time taking the photos. Experience the place - soak it up, take it all in and get stuck in! 
  • Live like a native for the time you are there!! Be a tourist too but sometimes it's nice to see things from a different point of view. 
  • Get a healthy tan – we can compare once you are back!
  • Take a good book and read it beside the beach or somewhere you feel comfortable.
  • Go to a local event if you can find one! When travelling I've found it's one of the best ways to experience local life. 
  • Be openminded – we all do things in different ways. 
  • Keep your options open – try new things.
  • To avoid disappointment be open to change (because I hate being disappointed when I’ve planned things so thoroughly).
  • Talk to people (but not people who make you feel unsafe)
  • Eat lots - try new food and eat food you already love because why not?!
  • Don't think about work. Just remember that I'll be trying my best not to screw things up too badly. 
  • HAVE FUN - the most important thing I can say! 

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Keep reading, F x
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