Soudley Ponds

By Fatima K - February 15, 2020

We like to take walks - nearly anywhere but especially in areas that are fairly local to us. Soudley Ponds in the Forest of Dean is kind of local - we had a short drive to get there but it was worth it!

Once there, the scenery is beautiful. We walked past the ponds through the woods along the trail and it was quite an adventure. Luckily it wasn't too wet and we met a lot of other walkers. Some with their dogs, some had just come out for a stroll and others were on family days out.
We saw dragonflies, spiders, ducks, some birds and plenty of other wildlife!

There's a heritage centre close by if you wanted to have a  coffee but we spent so long walking around that it had closed by the time we'd finished....oops!
We took our pushchair so I can safely say the trails are definitely child friendly!  The forestry and greenery was pretty stunning and I'd go again even if it were just to have another look!

The walks were beautiful - just look at the photos!

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