Fitting in

By Fatima K - January 28, 2014

There's this tree I walk past on the way to seminars and it's just extraordinary, it's a tree with its roots coming through the wall. It's as if the tree decided one day: 'hold on a minute, this is my space' and outgrew the wall - simple as. But it's never that simple is it? The wall must have been built around the tree for it to grow and occupy a space that large, or maybe the tree was smaller but continued to grow into the wall taking a few bricks off at a time, who knows!

This does get me thinking more about us, because like the tree, do we have a space too? Do we have somewhere that we fit in, or do we find that space and make it ours? And who decids what's right and how it should be? A lot of questions all because of a tree!! 

I don't know the actual answer to any of these questions but do have a personal opinion, my answer is: we do. A sense of belonging is a feeling and it's up to us to find that and decide if we feel it. I remember at school we were always told where to sit because it made everything so much easier for the teacher, only now, in life, we aren't told where to sit. We decide. 

Basically what I'm trying to say is that 'we' are the answer and the solution. There are always things that get in the way and people who influence our decisions, but ultimately, we make the choice, it's our own. 

So, unlike us, this tree probably had no choice about the wall being built, but it had the choice to grow. And by the looks of it it did because there are bricks behind some of the roots. Amazing! 

So keep growing readers, you never know what you'll come across until you do!

This is the tree I was taking about. Can you see bricks behind some of the roots! 

Keep reading, F x
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