Spring is coming!

By Fatima K - March 24, 2014

Every morning for the past two weeks - since we had that amazingly sunny Sunday - I've been waking up with one question on my mind....'Can  I wear my sandals today?' - unfortunately, the answer has been no everyday, maybe until today.

This morning the sun was out from the very start - well, when I checked anyway! But I decided against wearing them because its still quite chilly and knowing my luck, it'll probably rain if I did. But the sun coming out is a very good sign because daffodils are blooming and spring is on its way! Or maybe its already here? 

One thing I do know - it's still a bit too cold for sandals :( maybe in two weeks I will be able to wear them! I hope so, in the mean time I'll wear my lovely boots because once it's really sunny and warm, I won't be able to wear them! Well, I can if I decide to! We'll see! 

Spring reminds me of hope and new opportunities, the birth and development of big ideas and plans :). It's also my second favorite time of the year - Autumn is my first! 

I hope you enjoy the sun, or whatever the weather throws at you! 

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This was around three/two weeks ago! There is actually a train in that fog! 

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  1. I hate this in between stage of winter and spring weather. Every morning, I struggle with deciding what I should wear. All of my winter clothes make me sweat, and all of my spring clothes are just not going to keep me warm enough. Hopefully it will be real spring weather soon!

    1. Hopefully it will get better soon! I'm looking forward to knowing what to expect - although I'm not sure that will ever happen here, a morning of sun followed by an afternoon of showers! Ahah. Looking forward to some stability :-) thank you for reading! :-)


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