Ze grand plan...

By Fatima K - April 04, 2014

The thing I love about night time driving is lights - the display of headlights and break lights and the tiny illuminating road markings. It's all so pretty and beautiful how you respect other drivers and dim your lights before they are blinded by the extremely bright beam of light projected from the front end of your car.  

When you see a car coming - especially when they have their bright lights on, on a lonely dark country road, it's a hallelujah moment. You see the lights waaay before you see the car, all misty and disappearing into the trees, and then the car comes and suddenly the lights have been dimmed slightly because they have seen you coming too! It's weirdly enchanting, relaxing and highly, may I reiterate, highly, dangerous.
See it's not always me doing the driving at this time of the night - bonus for me I guess! But the person who drives has to be alert and have some knowledge of the roads, the bends and curbs. There has to be a destination and some sort of plan - even if that plan is to keep driving to where the road takes you, it's a plan. 

But is this like life? Do we have to know what we are doing, where we are going? Is it not ok to just go with it, wherever life may take you? I guess people might say that we avoid plans because there is a chance of being disappointed, and so what. By not making plans there is a great chance of being surprised and liking the outcome. 

Not everything has to be perfectly mapped out because there are a lot of pot holes out there! 

I'm not saying having a plan is bad - on the contrary, it's great if you have plan! Go out there and achieve all your goals and most importantly, have fun doing it. But if you don't have a plan, it's perfectly alright too. Just keep going until you know what you want, because who knows, you may have found it already. 

Keep going, whatever the plan may be! 

Keep reading, F x
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