Uncontrollable stuff

By Fatima K - April 26, 2014

We all have those days where everything is going so well, and then we see two (or more) people – friends/family/people we know – talking to each other whilst glancing at you....and that’s it, good day down the drain. Not sure why, but immediately I think; ‘Oh god, is there something on my face? Are they talking about me?’

It’s not like I can actually go and ask them what they were talking about, so  I’ll probably spend the next half an hour wondering if I’ve done something wrong, making all of those positive thoughts that were present just a while ago run away into an unreachable part of my brain. Even though I know that the chances they were talking about me are 1 in 100, I’ll still have that voice in my head questioning myself. 

Then I get these conflicting thoughts about being paranoid, too self conscious, which in that moment in time are most likely true, because I am being a little too self conscious by thinking they are talking about me! Right...

But why do we do this to ourselves? I’m sure there is an answer out there somewhere, some very simple explanation that took years of study to be found. I should probably look for it, but not today. Today, I've discovered that I seem to have adopted a different attitude, one where I say 'Oh Well' and keep going. I'm not sure if this is the best attitude to have, but it beats questioning myself and ruining my day by asking myself questions that I can't answer. And if they were talking about me, it could have been something good!! 

So there it is people, we can't answer all the questions, sometimes we just have to go with it, because worrying about things we don't know and can't control take up way too much of our time!! Time which can be spent doing other things, like reading, eating, running, sleeping, laughing...I really should stop now because the list goes on and on! 
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Beautiful fields!

The view from a ferry ride I went on....makes me think of how time passes quickly, there's no time to dwell! 

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  1. True, Its not worth your time thinking about what others are saying or the things we don't know or stuff that might not happen.



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