Baby Wearing

By Fatima K - July 01, 2019

I've always wanted to have a go at baby wearing - I love the idea of carrying your baby close to you, and it always looks super comfortable when I've seen people do it. I knew I wanted to baby wear before I had Baby B so had been looking around for woven wraps - that's what I had hoped to carry baby in.

Our Ergobaby in Canada 
There is a plethora of woven wraps out there and they come in all sizes and many different prices. At first I didn't realise how expensive hand woven wraps can be but it wasn't until I talked to my lovely friend over at March Hare Handwovens that I came to understand why. So much work goes into making a wrap. So much love! The wrap is designed, materials are chosen, dyed and woven and I'm sure that isn't even everything. What I do know is that the process involves time and dedication and therefore I completely understand why some of them are expensive. I also understand how you could spend so much money on one - they are so beautiful and you can ask for them to be made in whatever colours/pattern you like. You can be picky and base the wrap on you.

Unfortunately for me, I, at the time, wasn't able to buy an actual hand woven wrap from March Hares Handwoven like I Diva Milano wrap - a pretty one!
had originally wanted to, even though she offered me a really good price. Instead I was fortunate enough to have been gifted a

I Googed how to wrap and when the time came, I did wrap Baby B a few times with help, but I wasn't confident enough in myself to do it. I even went to a sling library but it was so busy that they weren't able to help!! So in the end, I decided to see if there were other ways I could carry baby. I know now that had I persevered and built up my confidence, I would have been able to wrap Baby B without a problem!

There were plenty of other ways to carry Baby B and I ended up buying an Ergobaby 360. It was between Ergobaby 360 and Tula Explore - as with both these carriers you can carry babies front facing whilst they are ergonomically positioned (basically the baby is supported well). The Ergobaby was easier to find so for me, it was the best buy! And let me tell you, I haven't looked back since. Of course given the chance I would use the Tula Explore and wrap again for sure, but the Ergobaby comes everywhere with us! Everywhere!

I'm not even kidding - even if we've taken the pushchair, the carrier still comes.

Do you have a must have item you take everywhere with you? What is it?

Keep reading, F x
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