Travelling Mama: The Journey (2019)

By Fatima K - August 03, 2019

In April this year, I did something I've never done before - I solo travelled with a baby. That's right, I went on a plane with baba and we flew all the way to Canada for my best cousins wedding. It was simultaneously amazing, terrifyingly frightening and a tiny bit liberating - that small sense of achievement and independence.

We got to the airport with plenty of time to spare but spent so much time trying to get a different seat (one more suitable for myself and baby) that when I went through security they said if I didn't go now, I'd miss my flight. The woman checking my flight details demanded to know what time I had arrived and why I was there so late... I told her we've been here for ages. I explained that I was with the airline people, not just lounging about killing time!

I sailed across a sea of marshmallows!
That moment I heard the words 'miss your flight' was horrible and I began to panic a little. It was probably apparent on my face as I'm not too good at hiding my feelings - but I felt that this made people more helpful. From that moment on, we did everything with triple the speed. They let the people at the gate know we were coming and I ran - actually ran through two buildings - to the gate. Obviously Baby B screamed the whole time as she didn't want to be in the pushchair but I continued to run. I just knew I couldn't miss the flight - I had come so far to give up now.

I got to the gate and they were waiting for me. They knew our names! Luckily I wasn't the last one ... there were people behind me.

I was a little worried before the trip... who wouldn't be?! I wondered what I'd do if she screamed the whole time, how would I do it alone? I could just imagine the look on peoples faces, annoyance and disgust, that 'she can't control her child' look. But it didn't go like that, Alhamdulillah!

I took a night flight there and back - super useful if travelling with kids! I think this helped me a lot as we both slept most the journey there and back.  On the way we started off next to some lovely people but were moved because there were two spare seats together. As we got up to go there, the person I swapped with warned me about a woman there - he was right. So we ended up sitting near a lady who kept sighing when she looked at me and tutted when I got up to change Baby B's nappy. She spent most the flight huffing and puffing, drinking the hours away and disapprovingly watching people. I did contemplate complaining but I couldn't be bothered. I'd had enough drama for the day. I was just about recovering from having nearly missing my flight and upset that we'd be away from Mr B for so long - I'm not sure I'd have handled complaining very well. Baby B didn't seem to notice - she played peekaboo with the people in front and behind - who were lovely - and then went to sleep. I also fell asleep for a while and I think this helped.

What's important to note here is that we got there. I actually made it!!

If you're thinking of doing it, my advice - just do it. Deal with things as they come, for me that's the best way. And try and stay calm. It'll work out - that's what I keep telling myself!

Keep reading, F x
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  1. Wow!!! That's a very stressful situation for one to be in. Alhamdulillah, you kept your cool & you made it to Canada safe and sound 😊

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