Bye Birks

By Fatima K - September 05, 2019

It's time to say goodbye. Not to my blog, although I do think that may be on the cards somewhere along the line, but to my first ever pair of Birkenstocks. That's right, shoes. You have not gone crazy, stay with me.

See, I like to use things till they are utterly and completely used, on their last leg and often beyond this. My Birkenstocks are getting there-  if it were up to me I'd probably keep them in my draw for a long time, but something tells me that I should say goodbye.

Brief History:
These were my first ever pair of Birkenstocks which I purchased in Canada in 2015. They have been with me since.

What we've been through together:
A day in Toronto
  • Canada 2015 - was undoubtedly my best Canada trip to date. My other trips there have been pretty close but on this trip as a whole was amazing! I had so much fun!
  • My first solo trip (as in without my parents) - We went to Turkey together and had a ball
  • Malaysia 2017 - They came with me to Malaysia. Oh so Romantic.
  • Work  - I have worn these to my many jobs and never ever once felt uncomfortable.
  • Birth - This is one of the most important things I have done so far - I wore these to and from the hospital.
Everyday - I've worn these for everyday things. A lot of everyday things. A lot.

Enough said. Although they have been filled with amniotic fluid, (which has dried up now and there's no trace of it left that I know of), I still feel attached to them. They've been with me through so many important things in my life. Big things and small things, important things and things I can't even remember. They were my stepping stone into the world of Birkenstocks, into many different things actually. But I think they're about to retire. They've been on the road to retirement for a long time, I just haven't had the heart to admit it. Unless I can get the insole replaced or find a better use for them...

So long Birkenstocks.... or maybe I could use them as garden slippers?! Bye.

Keep reading, F x
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