Hello 2020

By Fatima K - January 11, 2020

It's official. 2019 is actually over!

I feel so many things have happened in the past year and most definitely in the past decade. Blog wise it's not been a very good year. I had some really good engagement and posts earlier in the year but recently, that's not been the case. I have no one to blame but myself - I just haven't been able to find the motivation to write posts. I often started them but didn't finish any.

Personally, I've had some ups and downs - I guess we all do. What I have realised tho, is that things have gone the way they should have, as if they hadn't, I wouldn't be where I am today. I'd still be in a rut, I'd still be in that job waiting for more opportunities/other things to come. I did enjoy the jobs I've had - I can't lie - but I've wanted to do what I'm doing now for such a long time!

Sometimes I do feel like I'm still in a rut, but now it's my own fault. It's my own fault for not preparing and planning, for not using my time wisely. Before it was because of things that weren't always in my control. I'm happy -mostly.

Things that happened this past year and decade:
  • I got a job - and a decade on I'm still there! The reason I've been at this job for so long is the nature of it but mostly the people. Definitely the people. 
  • I went to uni and got a degree. I met some great people and learnt a lot! I had fun and experienced new things. I miss it.
  • I got my MSc. I diverted my attention to a topic I've always been interested in and studied it. It was SO GOOD. It was one of the best, and hardest things I've done yet. I don't regret a minute of it.
  • I got my first 'proper job'. Silly really because I've had a 'proper' job for almost a decade but for some reason, that job never felt like a job. 
  • I travelled - four different continents in the last decade. Hoping to do much more in the future.
  • I got my CELTA. My interests in this area began from an undergrad module I took at uni and from then, I knew it was something I wanted to do. After working a while, I finally took the plunge and did the course. The course was hard, intense and there were tears, but it was what I wanted to do. It allowed me to grow in myself, my confidence and I met some awesome people along the way. I got to work once again with lecturers I loved studying with at undergraduate too!
  • I got married and had a baby! Nothing more on the enormity of this needs to be said. 
  • We lost a friend and colleague - one of the nicest people I know passed away a few months ago - it was sudden and unexpected and a very big shock.
  • We moved into our own house!
So yes, 2019 and the last ten years have been busy!! Here's to the years ahead. May they be everything you hoped for and more.

P.S That Delete Button is six years old! SIX!!

P.P.S My blog has a new look. What do you think? More on that to come.

Keep reading, F x
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