Inspired By Random: Book Titles

By Fatima K - March 26, 2015

Announcement: 'Inspired By Random'

Hey All!

Hot Coco :)
I've been thinking thinking about blog posts and looking for inspiration on what to write about, and although I have a list of posts that I'm going to do (I have a list but I'm still looking for more!!!) I've still been umming and ahhing.

Anyway, I've been spending a lot of time drinking hot chocolate to get my inspiration senses heightened with no luck till now; I've had an epiphany. That's right people, the light bulb went 'ping' as I walked past a shelf at work. Here goes:

I will be writing five posts using the title of random books as the title for my posts. Care to join anyone? If you'd like to take part - you are more than welcome to - just let me know so we can all tweet/link our posts together :)

Now when I tried to explain this idea to a few friends they were slightly confused. To clear this up once and for all, this is not a book review, I repeat, NOT a book review. You don't have to have read the book before, it's just a way of encouraging us to write more by using random titles for inspiration. - Does that make sense? We use titles of books to make our own posts. :) Time for a few rules I think!

Ground Rules:
  • These posts in no way need to relate to the books you decide to use - maybe make that clear so readers don't get confused and mistake it for a book review.
  • Put a link to the book somewhere in the post so readers can explore the book if they wish. 
  • You can use the same title as me if you like or select your own random book title - see how you feel :). At the end of each post I'll be writing the title for the next week if you'd like to do the same one. 
  • I will be posting weekly but no pressure,  you can do as little or many posts as you like.
  • Don't feel obliged to write all five posts but if you can that's great! 
  • Link your blog using the link button below so others can read it. 
  • Have fun!!
  • And finally, share, share, share!! :) 
The book title I'll be using from the 3rd of April:

Stay connected. :P

And just like that, 'ping ', an idea. Goes to show that inspiration really can come from anywhere.

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Keep reading, F x
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  1. Yay this idea is super cool! Go Fatima!!

    1. :) hopefully it will be great! Don't forget to link up :)

  2. I might just do this when everything's out of the way, it's such an interesting idea! It reminds me of this activity called 'A Blind Date with A Book', where friends will wrap up books for one another and exchange them as gifts, so they'll be surprise when unwrapping the books. Then they'll see if the blind date with their book turned out great or not, haha. Is there a due date for this linkup? :)

    1. Hey! You can do it in your own time - no worries! Just make sure you link up your post so others can read it :) Also, we do that at work too! We wrap books up and so the borrower has no idea what they are borrowing! It's a brilliant idea to do it with friends. There's no due date really for this link up. Hope all is well! x

  3. Awesome! I'll add my post to the linkup once I have written it, InshaAllah. :)

    1. Excellent! Looking forward to reading it :)

  4. I can't wait to start doing this. I've been having my exams and once they're over I'll get straight to it!
    Great idea, Fatima!

    -Kathie K

  5. This is a great idea. I'm definitely planning on doing this in the next few days. Thank you for sharing this and inviting others to participate. :)

    1. Thank you!! Can't wait to read your post on this :) don't forget to link up and share it once you are done :)

  6. Saw this on another blog and I thought it was cool, so I'm gonna do it. Thanks for this great idea!!


    1. You are more than welcome! Really looking forward to reading your post :) be sure to link it up with the others! :)


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