A New Use for 'Blah'

By Fatima K - June 14, 2015

Sometimes I think if we were to go back, it would be ok. 

By go back in time I mean to say primary or secondary school age - but only if I knew then what I know now. 

So the thing is, I'm a fan of my primary school years but not a fan of my secondary school years and given the choice, I wouldn't really want to go back. Lately however, I've been thinking how simple everything was back then. My biggest worry was if my homework was correct, if I would pass the next class test and if the girl who sat in front of me would ever get caught with her mobile in school. Other worries included things like how long my tamagotchi would survive without me, if the latest book in a series I was reading would have a hundred reservations on it and as if that wasn't stressful enough, I still made time to watch CBBC and CITV after school.

That was as complicated as it went as luckily I kept busy reading and avoiding life - or drama- as best as I could.

Now it's all so complicated. I'm constantly reminded that I can no longer keep avoiding life (I have been for the past few months *smug face*) and that decisions matter. This makes me feel... uuuggghhhh *bangs head against table*.

Therefore, I propose that we should all regularly have a moment, or several moments, to say 'blah'. That's right, you read correctly. I did just type 'blah'. Sing the words blah blah blah to your favourite tune, shout it at the top of your voice, whisper it to your self, skip to it, do whatever works for you!

Go on, try it. Use the magic word 'blah' in moments of madness and let it help you embrace life! :)

Also, do let me know how it goes!!

Keep reading, F x
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