Useless Updates #1

By Fatima K - June 28, 2015


So I've decided to join Areeba this week and do a Useless Updates post - because why not?! What's more important than sharing useless information? I speak nonsense on a regular basis so it shouldn't be too bad ;)

My Glass Bottle
1. This week, I procrastinated like a boss :) Instead of doing what I really should have - research -I decided to decorate a bottle and have already began formulating ideas for the next one!

2. I did my best ever yet impression of a lemon. See fasting is difficult anyway, but this year it's especially difficult because of the long days. It's going surprisingly well so far but we all have our moments. Anyway, this week I had a few of those moments and that's when I did it - my best ever yet impression of a lemon.

Note: during this moment, I did realise how fortunate I am to have access to clean water, food, health, electricity...the list goes on. That's when my lemon impression skills were brushed under the carpet ready for another day.

What have you been up to?

Keep reading, F x
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