TreatYoSelf&Plan #2

By Fatima K - July 06, 2015


So this is my second post in the TreatYoSelf&Plan link up with Italian Hurricane :) First let me say that the response to this link up has been awesome! The other posts are so cool and it's great to see other peoples targets and treats - keep going all!! Don't forget to check the other great posts out and why not join yourself - we all deserve treats!

Last week:
  • Finish reading a book - It saddens me to say that I haven't finished the book yet :( I have read over half which is a good thing but not finished! 
  • Started reading the new Ms Marvel book - yes, yes please! I love Ms Marvel :)
  • Work on getting myself a website - I DID IT! I actually did it. This was something I have been thinking about for a long time and after setting this goal last week, I just did it. It's all work in progress but it's live people, LIVE!!! click right here to see the page I'd really appreciate feedback and any comments so go on, tell me what you think! And hint, if you click 'New Products' at the top of the page there are a few things for sale :) 
  • Doodle on more items!! - achieved!

Next Week's Goals: 

  • Ahem, finish the book I'm still reading, 
  • There's a post I've been meaning to write about fasting - write it up this week,
  • Share my new website as much as I can - ok so this sounds a bit crazy because I have a new website but I haven't really shared it with many people...I know, I'm odd. So one on the goals for this week is to actually share it :) Also, if you like what you see when you visit the page  feel free to share too!! 
So overall, I'm quite pleased. I didn't finish my book but did everything else - including a website!! 

What are your goals for this week? How did you do last week?

Keep reading, F x
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  1. Your doodles are awesome! I also haven't finished my book. In fact, I didn't continue to read it last week :/ I hope you'll finish it though :)

    I'm looking forward to your post about fasting!

    And I'm checking our your website and so far it looks amazing! I love your sense for art :) Great job, girl!

    1. Thank you! It was a big step for me - the website. I've actually given up on that book and will be reading another one :) Good luck with yours! x

  2. Hi Fatima, for myself, I always aim to complete reading 3 books in a month, but sometimes I can't do that consistently either. Was too busy and couldn't find the time, which is pretty frustrating, haha. Looking forward to read the post about fasting, and love the new website you have! That's great work you got there. All the best for your goals next week. :)

    The Happy Candle

    1. Thank you Dian! I used to read loads and loads but recently I haven't been able to as much. Will you be taking part in this link up? x

    2. Sorry, Fatima, didn't see the comment you replied earlier! I'm not sure if I will because I've been pretty busy, but it seems very beneficial so that we can be more productive. :) Will definitely take part if I do get the time. :)


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