TreatYoSelf&Plan #4

By Fatima K - July 26, 2015


This is, as you probably already know, is my fourth post in the TreatYoSelf&Plan link up - it' where we treat ourselves and plan some goals for the next week as well as review the previous ones :) simples! It's hosted by the lovely Italian Hurricane :)


This week I have to say that I have treated myself quite a bit - my tops from Look Human have arrived (I love them!!), I bought myself a lovely new jacket (I'm not really a shopping kind of person) and I spent most of my time eating lovely food whilst celebrating Eid with my family! :) Oh and finally, I started watching the Originals on Netflix! So a fairly good week treat wise!

Goals from last week: 
  • Read - I have started reading another book and I'm half way through it :) It's one that I'm actually enjoying unlike the last one! 
  • Gym - I have actually been doing way more than I imagined gym wise so I'm very pleased with myself on the gm front. Now I just have to keep it up! 
  • Carmex - is slowly getting used up :)
  • Day out - has been planned for one day next week -  I'll let you know how it goes! 

New Goals:
  • Keep going to the gym/other fitness activities - pretty self explanatory!
  • Keep reading 
  • Do some research/keep sharing my website
  • Post ideas - I haven't been writing much recently so I really want to get back into it! 
  • Take photos :) 

What are your goals? How did you treat yourself? 

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Keep reading, F x
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