TreatYoSelf&Plan #3

By Fatima K - July 15, 2015


This is, as you probably already know, is my third post in the TreatYoSelf&Plan link up - it' where we treat ourselves and plan some goals for the next week as well as review the previous ones :) simples! It's hosted by the lovely Italian Hurricane :)

Also, I should ass that I noticed last week that I haven't been writing the 'treat' part of my post - only the plan so this week I'll do it properly! (I Hope!)


This week has been ok - I made biscuits...I am not a baking type of person, it's really not my scene. But I did it! I made two different types of biscuits and even made a cake today!! It really was a treat eating them :) Another lovely thing I did for myself was bought a small blue vase for me to decorate - and here are the results! 

And finally; this really was a treat to myself as I'd been looking for this tea for ages and have finally found it!! I found cinnamon tea :) I love it - I bought some a while back but when I went back to the supermarket to get more, they had stopped selling it! :( Only last week did I discover that there is another one available to buy :) and what did I it of course!!! ITS SO YUMMY!! 

So goals from last week:
  • Finish that book: I have to confess I've given up on that particular book, so goal unachieved. 
  • New Post: I did it! I finally finished and published the post on fasting that I wanted to - read it here and let me know what you think!
  • Share: I have been sharing the link to my website. I've sent it to friends and people I know in the hope that it will spread and people will be interested. I'd love for you to do the same!! Made By Fatima  

New goals: 

  • I have another book to read - I have a whole stack of them so this week I'd like to start another one!
  • Get slowly back into the gym - I say slowly because I'm aiming to go this weekend having not been for the past month. I decided to take a break whilst fasting as I wasn't sure how I would manage. Looking back now I think I'd have been fine! 
  • Use up my Carmex lip balm so I can buy a new one - I have a few too many and decided not to buy new ones till I finish my old ones :) 
  • One final goal: plan a day out to see my friend - let's hope it works! 

Have you treated yourself recently?

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  1. Baking is so awesome :) I hope you enjoyed the experienced and eating the cookies/cake afterwards :D

    the blue vase is gorgeous <3 your idea is really cool! You're the first one I come across who decorates vases etc.! :) and I'm glad you found your cinnamon tea again!

    Good luck with the gym (I wasn't fasting and didn't do any sports for weeks..)! and I'm also a lip balm addict, haha.

    Have a great week! xox

    1. I'm ok with baking but I don't always find it fun - I'm worried that t won't be right and I can sometimes get fed up quite fast! I love cinnamon tea :) looking forward to your next post! xox


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