'Tis the Season!

By Fatima K - November 13, 2015


Hope all is well and you haven't missed me too much! (HAH) Also, in case you haven't notice I revamped my About Me page - go and take a look! :) Leave comments and also links for me to read your blog!!

Anyway, it's getting colder, darker, wetter....blah, that doesn't sound good does it! But as the dark gloomy days approach, I thought I' do a post on my they are my favourite, yes, as much as I love summer, autumn and winter are still my favourite. :) Here's why:


The Rain 

I love the rain - both when I'm indoors and when I'm outside. I find comfort in the sound of the rain and love falling asleep to it!


So clothes wise, I wear what I want whenever I want regardless of the season - I'm not kidding, I haven't even put my Birkenstocks away yet!! Also, layering means you can wear summer clothes in the winter! However, winter clothes are still my all time favourite - boots, jumpers, coats, scarfs, hoodies...so comfy!! I love winter colours too. :)


Often when we go out to eat they have a 'winter warmers' menu with foods such as soups...yummy!


This is the time of year for fireworks, drinking hot chocolate and curling up on the sofa watching films. It's the time of year where people get together to either celebrate or for the holiday season and this makes me smile.  I love the festive atmosphere and when people come together!

Also, this time of year seems perfect to have Lord of the Rings marathons!!

Have I sold it to you yet??
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Keep reading, F x
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