Confessions of a Front-Stabbing Friend #2

By Fatima K - November 26, 2015


Don't you just hate awkward situations? Like when your minding your own business drinking tea and stuffing your face with biscuits when your little brothers friend suddenly wants to know where all the biscuits have gone. Like I just ate them all. Did you not see me in the last fifteen minutes you've been gawking?! Also, that's rude. You should at least close your mouth whilst gawking. Honestly, youth these days!

Ok, so this kid has been sitting in our kitchen for a while now. He appeared when the kettle made the whistling sound to say it's boiled. Our kettle does that for some reason - anyone downstairs can hear it. I offered him tea but he just shook his head a took a seat opposite me. Right, I thought, I'd better carry on like normal then. Lucky for me this kid isn't much of a talker and there was a magazine on the table right beside by breakfast. Handy!

I don't like drinking scalding hot tea and always wait for my tea to cool down, and so, because I didn't fancy toast this morning, I opted for biscuits.

Anyway, the whole time this kid was sat opposite me quietly watching with his mouth open. I'm not really sure what he's staring at because I'm a mess. I'm in my pyjamas and my hair is scare-worthy - seriously sometimes I get scared in the mornings when I catch my reflection - so it can't be me. I've offered him biscuits and tea and there really isn't anything else worth gawking at. But I can't say anything, he's only seven years old! I can't exactly just at say 'what you staring at?!' He might burst into tears! (It's happened before and I really don't want to explain to my mother that I made an seven year old cry...again).

And then, to top it all off, after having said nothing the whole time, he suddenly decides to speak. He has this adorable little voice and it's as if he's finally plucked up the courage to say something. What he does say is this:

"Where have the biscuits gone?"

It's only then that I realised that I've managed to finish the whole pack whilst reading a magazine...oppsie!

Lucky for me my brother ran into the kitchen at that precise moment and skidded to a halt just in time to miss the table. 

  "Why are you here?" He askes his friend, his tone is way too accusatory for my liking but I'm not going to get involved.

  "Do you want to eat something?" He questions further in the same tone.

The kid shakes his head.

  "Then let's GO!" moving his hand in a sweeping motion towards the door, just to be sure the kid knows which way to go.

And with that, the kid sneaks a quick look at me and then the empty biscuit pack and runs out of the kitchen followed by my brother. That is of course after my brother throws me a dirty look as if to say it's all my fault.

Honestly, kids these days!!
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  1. Hahaha! I had been in a similar situation and I did something that's still hard to believe (even for me). There was that little girl who wouldn't stop staring at me. So I asked her, "what are you staring at? Haven't seen a pretty girl like me?" My tone was probably too wild for her. She backed off and I'm sure she didn't even look at me again.
    I sound like a horrible person here. Opss.

    Noor | Noor's Place


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